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Cub Scout Program 2004-2005

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Schedule (separate document)
Pack 109 meets about every other Monday night during the school year.

Application for Cub Scout Membership  (separate document)


The Cub Scout program is composed of five years of graduated activities as follows:

A boy can enter at any age. Each level has its own book and advancement program that results in a variety of badges, pins and other awards. The initial part of the advancement program (except for Tiger Cubs) is to qualify for the Bobcat badge. This covers the basics of Cub Scouting, e.g. the Cub Scout Promise and handshake. Advancing to Bobcat is done in a short time and must be done once by any cub scout, no matter what age they enter.

Any boys joining later into one of the older groups will complete the Bobcat requirements and then go directly to the program for their age e.g., go from Bobcat directly to Bear or Webelos dens, skipping the badges between those ranks. This isn't a problem and happens frequently. Typically, we award the Bobcat badges at our mid-year awards ceremony in January.

The goals for our pack are to:

Accordingly, in meetings we work on advancing in Cub rank and preparing for outings which are the rewards for those efforts.

This document outlines the program to address those goals.

Pack/Den Meetings

Parent participation in all meetings is strongly encouraged. Pack 109 is particularly interested in creating an opportunity for parents and sons to participate together. Either fathers, mothers, or other guardians are welcome. We want to create opportunities for special one-on-one parent/child experiences.

Our pack is different from most in that it combines den and pack meetings. The usual meeting starts with a group ceremony and pack announcements. Then, we break into den groups by age. Dens may also have activities that are at different times.

One of the important goals of the pack is to share the responsibilities so it doesn't take too much time for any particular parents. Therefore, for example, the main job of the Den leader is to organize all the other parents to take turns planning the den activities. There are plenty of fun activities in the advancement books to fill the year, so it isn't hard to find something to do, that will also help the boys advance.

Den leaders may arrange for additional meetings/events at their discretion. These will be announced directly to parents well in advance.

Advancement Program

One of the key elements of our pack's program is to advance the cubs through the various badges, e.g., Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light. In the Cub Scouts advancement is primarily a parent responsibility. As mentioned above, some of the den meeting time will be devoted to advancement in order to maintain planned progress and quality in the advancement program. Our advancement "guidelines" are as follows:

It is the parent's responsibility to monitor and keep track of the cub scout's advancements. The parent should keep the Den Leader informed about the scout's progress. We have two award ceremonies each year: January and June.

Uniforms and Books

The scout store is up the hill next to the Civic Arena (on the Allegheny River side) in what's called Flag Plaza (the building usually has flags displayed). The basic uniform for our pack is as follows:


Notes: Uniform trousers are not required; just wear jeans, sweats or shorts. The belt is useful because a number of awards that the scout can earn are "belt loops" that fit on the cub scout belt. We have some used uniforms if a scout would have trouble affording a new one. (If you have an old uniform to donate, please contact the Cub Master.)

In addition to a uniform, a cub will need a Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos book.

Annual Fees

We are collecting $75 per cub for this year. That pays for the annual registration with the Boy Scouts of America, Boy's Life magazine, insurance and an activity fee. The activity fee covers materials for the special pack meetings such as the Pinewood Derby, costs incurred in running the program (e.g., advancement cards and pins, mailings), and decorations and food for the annual Blue and Gold Banquet to which all family members are invited (siblings are included). If there is more than one cub in a family, subtract $7 for each Boy's Life subscription that is not needed.

There will be additional charges for various optional Pack activities, such as winter and summer camp, and various trips.

If a parent has a problem paying any of the fees, please contact the Cub Master and special arrangements can be made. We don't want any boy left out due to problems with finances.

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