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Cub Scout Camp Independence


Photos from 2002 and from 2001 and from previous years.

Father/Son Winter Sports Weekend at Heritage Reservation

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  1. The houses have dryers, tv's and video players, wood stoves and complete kitchens.
  2.  Some dads brought evening snacks and videos for the kids to watch late in the evening.
  3. About 22 people per house (10 cots in the large basement room, about 6 in the other basement room).
  4. To get one of the bedrooms - register as soon as the program is announced.
  5. Extra showers are in the main events center - a short walk down the road.
  6. Bring your snow tube and sled (if snow)
  7. Be prepared for lots of outdoor activities and lots of walking between them.
  8. Activities include (depending on the weather):

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